How My Focus Changed & Why It’s Okay if Your’s does Too

I originally shared this on my counseling blog, but have since shut that blog down, in order to solely focus here. I want to share how the focus of my work has changed over the years, and why it’s okay if your focus changes, too.


When I was in high school, I began my career journey. I knew I wanted to be in the psychology field, and I thought I would just work with kids. “I’m working towards becoming a Child Psychologist,” I would tell people.

By the time I got to college and began to study psychology, I began to think about working with teenagers. I knew I loved youth ministry, and felt I could translate that into my work field.

This is the population I focused all my time and study on.

During the writing of my first book, Please, Never Forget, I was very much in the mindset of changing the world only by working with teens. It was this desire that even got me into grad school.

To this day, teens are one of my favorite populations to work with. If you give them a chance, they are honest and raw. They’ll tell you exactly what is going on in their lives, from their perspective, and if you catch them on the right day, they are extremely open to reframing. Their are developing their identities and figuring the world out. It’s an amazing population to work with.

However, over the years, as I have worked with kids from ages 5-18, and even young adults, I realized I missed working with adults.

As I began working with adults, I noticed how great it was to help women. My heart and focus began to shift.

Now, I am building a case load centered around working with teens, transitional age students, and women.

So, why is it okay if your focus changes?

Each of us goes through different stages in life, just as our clients do. With each life experience, we are shaped and grow. During each different stage, we might find our desire and focus shifted. For example, the older I get, and the more I am faced with and understand women’s issues (being one myself), the more my heart and focus goes towards helping women.

Another reason it’s okay if your focus changes piggybacks off the first. Through different life experiences and challenges, we find our empathy and knowledge growing. Going through a trauma or tragedy may bend our hearts towards others who have experienced similar things.

A third reason our focus can change and that’s completely okay is that our clients need different things from us at different parts of our life. And, we are able to connect to with different types of clients at different stages in life.

I have finally honed the direction my clientele, the center of my desire to help my clients,  and the areas of learning/teaching I am focusing on – at least at this point in my life.

I recognize now that my focus may one day change, and I am completely okay with that. And, I hope that you are, too, as you build your own business or practice.

In light of this shift, I am so pleased with the business I am building to empower women to turn their current life into their dream life. I love helping them realize they can trade in overwhelm, stress, anxiety, exhaustion for freedom, satisfaction, contentment, abundance, joy, and peace right where they are!

And, with that, my video course and group program launches May 28! I’m looking for 5-10 women who are ready to make their current life their dream life – right where they are! Get the details & sign up here.

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