New Direction!

I believe I’ve shared on this blog (and if not, I have on my personal blog), that I am recently engaged. In two short weeks to be married.

As I have taken a break from writing and other things in the past 3 months, God has been working in my heart. When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure the direction it would take, but He has honed in my heart the purpose:

A restful place for those in helping professions, especially ministry. Ministry tools, encouragement, advice, and practical application. Spiritual encouragement and thoughts. A gathering place for the burnt out, the hopeless, and the questioning.

So, now, you will find a different direction. One that I hope you find helpful, restful, and encouraging. Feel free to comment and connect. Make this a place for community.

A community of those called to further the Kingdom together, however that looks for each of us: ministers, mental health professionals, medical and emergency personnel, teachers and education professionals, and more.

Kingdom work is not for the faint of heart, but when we are weary, He is our strength.

So, the original focus of “tiny living” and “minimalism” will pop up, as they relate to being ministry tools of my love & me (yes, we are living tiny together after the wedding). These ideals will come up only as they play into ministry and the full time helping lifestyles he and I have both been called to. If you want more information about tiny life, minimalism, and holistic living, my personal blog will still address these, among other things.

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