My little Nephesh is starting to get a BIG make-over.

Little Seester & Baby Seester helped me remove the cabinet doors. Then, a week later, I (with some help from Little Seester) got a lot of painting done! I am so excited for how wonderful the kitchen/lounge/dinette is looking.

In the bedroom, I contemplated keeping the residential queen mattress that had been put in, but ultimately decided it couldn’t stay (due to yuck, but also space issues). In an attempt to remove it before my sister arrived, I got stuck between it and the wall. Luckily, not for long, as she showed up and saved the day. Mom had recommended calling some guys; but, we didn’t need that 💪🏻. So, it’s currently out on the curb getting soaked by the rain.

The bedroom is also shaping up; though I haven’t decided if I want to keep the mirrored doors or paint over them, thoughts?

As you can see, 2 of my 4 cushions (that’s a weird looking word, no?) have been re-done, & I couldn’t be happier with the fabric I chose.

Nephesh still has a long way to go in the next 2 and a half months, including touch-ups of some areas that came off with the tape today; but I can already see the dream becoming beautiful reality right in front of my eyes!

♥♠♦♣ -Tiny_Nephesh

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