Meet: Nephesh!

My new Nephesh! Home is where I park it 🙂

I told you big news was coming; And, it’s here.

I did some research and realized that building/purchasing my own “Tiny House” was probably not likely in the near future, so I explored my options.

And, landed on: renovate an RV/Travel Trailer…but which one?

After the search for the right one at the right price, I found it!!! And, today, it was finally delivered to me.

Though it is currently too cold (we’re in teens & snow weather now) for me to start projects, I’ve got measurements and a few things ready to get started.

Secretly, I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow so I can stay home and begin, but I also know I have to be a grown up, so all work has to be done around my grown up schedule.

I currently have 3 months left on my lease, giving me 3 months to get it move in ready. And, to tide me over in the cold, I started with one little project on the fridge:


My first touch: chalkboard on the fridge 🙂

♥♠♦♣ -Tiny_Nephesh

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