All By Myself – I Do What I Gotta Do

So, here we are, almost to the end of the month…

I’m not sure if I’ve really gotten much in the way of singleness – but, the beautiful thing about this point in my life is: it’s really all the #SingleLife.

I mean, I am single, and content…so, it’s all about that single life.

And, for some of us, during that single part of our life, it’s about doing whatever we can to take care of ourselves.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I one day want to find someone to build a life with & to take care of each other, but for now, It’s just me…


Ok, just kidding, sort of.

At this time in my life, I have a good job, my own place (that I share with Little Sister), and I enjoy my extra activities.

Unfortunately, there are some months where I don’t make quite enough. So. I got some extra work, because I do what I gotta do to build the life I want for myself (that Tiny House ain’t gonna fund itself 🙂 )

Something I have learned, we all do what we gotta do for ourselves and our families. For instance, I’ve gotten back into the Scentsy game – direct selling. Honestly, I’m not the best salesman (ahem, woman), but I love the community & filling the world with smells that fill the soul (hence the #ScentFilledSoul)…

But, it’s not just us single girls going into that direct sales game:

It’s the college student trying to get herself through school to her dream life. That one is Little Sister – her Zeal life is now a business. And, let me tell you, as one recently diagnosed gluten sensitive (as well as other things) & instructed to cut out gluten, this is one supplement I can take without fear. It boosts energy, gives me all the vitamins & iron I need without making my tummy ache, and really, just puts my body in a good place. Check it out here.

It’s the stay at home mom trying to do her best to support her family by means of a business that allows her to spend time with her kids & filling their world with products they love:

  • My friend Ashlie helps her family by building her Younique business. I love her ticks and tricks for quick mornings, out the door with the kiddos. It allows her to spend time with her little, and do things on her terms. Check her stuff out here.
  • My friend Laura Noelle (my readers probably know her by now) – she and I have been doing the business stuff almost our whole friendship..As a matter of fact, she started my Scentsy journey with me back in the day, but, now, she’s in that Young Living life. She’s my go to for essential oil tips & information. I love all my Young Living oils that I get through her, and they make my world a little bit better. Peppermint as a natural way to soothe my tummy, lime to make my H2O better, and lavender to help me sleep 🙂 Check her out here.

These direct sellers I know (and you know) we all have a different story, a different reason for doing what we do. If you are interested in any of these products, go check em out. Show them some love.

If you want your world to smell amazing, check out my Scentsy site.

Or, if you have your own “do what I gotta do” story, share it with me. Lets support & encourage one another.

“Life is definitely a journey, not a competition” – ?

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