I’m trying to wade through the fog that is threatening to return to my life & persevere in doing the things I love, the things I feel called to… So I am participating in 5 Minute Friday for the first time in a while.

The rules are: free-write, 5 minutes, no overthinking or overediting. The theme this week: Haven

Ready? GO

I recently wrote about finding my voice again. Anyone familiar with my blog is no stranger to the struggles of anxiety & depression I have worked through/am working through in my life.

It is this struggle that has led me to a deep, deep desire for Home…whatever that may mean.

It seems for many, that means owning their own place, putting down roots.

I’m learning, for me, it’s about wherever God has me at the moment. And, that just by resting in Him & surrounding myself with a few of the things my heart finds beautiful, I have a home.

Right now, I’m renting an apartment with my younger sister. We don’t have fancy things, but I have an office/reading nook, she has a big/comfy red chair, and I have a loveseat that happens to be my first big furniture purchase as an adult. My bathroom is Wonderland, my room Neverland, and our kitchen is a lovely place to cook & entertain.

I spent my day cleaning/re-arranging, while re-runs of House Hunters played on Netflix in the background. Upon coming home tonight, I felt at peace.

I may not “own” this place, the upstairs neighbors may be absolutely annoying (their children sound like elephants jumping from trees), and my view may be of a parking lot; but this is my place. My stamp has been placed.

I can come home after a long day, smile at my blue door, let my stuff down at my landing, and recharge.

This, temporary though it may be, is my haven. Not because I stake claim to it forever, but because I stake claim to it for now. Not because it is perfectly suited to my every desire, but because, at this life stage, it is perfectly suited to my current need.

This is my haven. Not because of my possession of it, but because of His possession of me.


2 thoughts on “Haven

  1. I love this picture – that where He has you right now is where you can find home, peace, a haven. I too am rediscovering my voice. Thankful for a God who whispers in the storm! Visiting from FMF! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. I’m glad you’ve found a home where you can recharge and rest, and love the reminder that while these havens are temporary our true haven in God is eternal and absolutely secure. Visiting from FMF (#37)


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