Surprise in Waiting

I’ve been loving my Lovely Sunday posts! And, oh so often they end up being Tuesday @ 10 and/or Five Minute Friday posts, as well. This one is no different. The prompts are:

Waiting and Surprise (respectively)

Ready? GO

The Lovely Sundays posts are all about me embracing & becoming. Learning about myself, even in the waiting times.

Much of life is waiting for something…

Anyone who has read my blog, has gone along with me while I’ve been waiting. You can read about all the journeys by exploring all the old posts.

Yet, so often when we get what we’ve been waiting for, we end up surprised by the trade off that often happens.

For instance, now that I finally have my own place again…it’s my own place again. I am the cleaner. I am the cook. I am the one who has to pay the bills.

Or, now that I’ve graduated & am working, I have to be responsible at work. I have to decide if it’s the right fit, and for how long.

And, in one area, I’m still waiting… But, I know that what happens when God brings the man I will share my life with, I have to share my life.

What I’m most surprised about at this point in my achieving & waiting is about how much joy has re-entered my life. How much peace there is in all the little uncertainties. And, how much fun I’m having in the waiting.



4 thoughts on “Surprise in Waiting

  1. Popping in from 5 Minute Friday.

    I love this line: “So often when we get what we’ve been waiting for, we end up surprised by the trade off that often happens.” SO SO true.

    Enjoy the waiting!

    Jen at

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  2. I love the idea of fun in the waiting. I, too, am in a waiting pattern and seeking some comfort there. Thanks for sharing. Waving hello from slot 99 this week 🙂

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