The Eyes Have It

In my 30 Day Embracing the Single Life Challenge, today is day 5, and I honestly wasn’t planning on a post today – especially after having a bigger case of the Mondays this week than I did last week…

But day 5’s challenge is to write about one physical characteristic I love about myself and why – so, I thought in order to encourage others to embrace their God-given beauty, it would be better to write here than tucked away in my journal…

I don’t know abut you, but I more often than not look into a mirror and find a lot to criticize…

But, that’s not what this post is about. As I wrote yesterday – the voices will pick you apart.

It’s often harder to hear the truth:

that you are God’s beautiful masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10)

that you were created in His image (Genesis 1:27)

that you are fearfully (with reverence) & wonderfully made [by a God] whose every work is marvelous  (Psalm 139:14)

that this God is jealous for you – enthralled with the beauty He created in you (Psalm 45:11)

I know I have a hard time accepting all of this as fact.

My mirror would have me believe that the exact opposite is true. The mirror would have me believe that the character inside is nothing like the image on the outside & vice-versa.

But, that’s not what this is about either…

This is about a part of myself that I love – something about my physical appearance.

For me, that would most often be my eyes.

I’ve got blue eyes for days!

Sure, there are days when I’m really tired, or in the middle of a particularly grueling allergy season, I’m absolutely horrified by their appearance.

But, more often than not – these two blue beauties are my favorite features. And, between the glasses and contacts, I have a lot of fun with them.

When I was younger, my right eye was what they called a “lazy eye”.  Meaning, it was a bit droopy – often appearing as if it were almost closed. This made me really self-conscious. Not that most people really noticed, but I noticed…I suppose, it still droops a little more, especially when I’m tired. But, I don’t even give it a second though.

At one time, this characteristic was another feature to link me to Leah, the woman in the Bible I relate to so well.

Who, the older I get, I both relate to more & less at the same time – it’s a beautiful paradox.

She had weak eyes – possibly a lazy eye, or poor eyesight (I have both)…She wasn’t sought out. She wasn’t wanted – by anyone except God.

Her life was defined by her eyes. The weak eyes are what she is remembered for. But, still there is so much beauty in her story.

And, there is still so much beauty in my story.

And, my expressive eyes give it all away.

My eyes really do express what I’m feeling. It’s what made me a terrible actor in theater, but adds great dimension to my singing stage presence. They are my favorite color – and throw on a little mascara & they absolutely pop.

Put on the glasses, and my nerdy side is more readily accessible. Still with the same expressive big, blue eyes right there.

It’s honestly taken a while for me to come to appreciate them, but now, when I talk about a physical feature of mine that I love so well,

The eyes have it!

What about you? What is one physical feature you love about yourself and why? Having trouble thinking of one? Read the verses above and remember that everything God creates is beautiful, and each of us has a role as His masterpiece. Feel free to share below, or reach out to me on one of my social media pages.

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