So, I know it’s Friday, and typically, on Friday, I would do a Five Minute Friday post…and I have one of those that I will type in a post tomorrow, but today (and in my FMF post), I have a lot more to say on CHOICE.

CHOICE is the topic of a new link-up I wanted to take part in called Tuesday @ Ten over at Finding the Grace Within. She encourages any form of artistic expression around the topic, and keeps the link up open a little longer, now (thankfully)… So, while there will be more on the subject tomorrow, here’s my original poem for:


Two worlds, two paths
Ahead at my feet.
Posing the question of my life
Which do I choose?
Like Frost, faced with his option,
Yet mine is:
The World, or
The Word?
Choosing the Word seems
To those who don’t understand.
The Way of the Cross
Is before me;
The Blood guiding.
But, the fruit is there, too.
The poison of humanity;
The temptation,
The basest of desires.
My breakable heart within,
And yet with a Spirit Unbreakable.
Do I choose The One
Whose Cross I see?
Or follow the other
Who calls for me?
I see the beautiful dream,
The life of promise;
So clear.
Yet, the desire for the other is strong.
Only one will I truly find
The hardest choice I’ve ever made;
Bewildered that His voice is so clear,
Guiding me.
I know where I need to go,
Where my heart will find Joy,
Where Peace will be mine.
Into the Freedom,
Out of the fear.
Into the Light, out of the darkness.
On hearing His voice,
The Flame of Passion
Ignites within.
The choice made, the toughest I’ve faced.
The Freedom of His will for me,
The Dream He’s given
Now to be chased with

© Candice Jenee, 2014

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