Single & Learning


This is a topic I rarely broach here. I did write about my “Moves Like Jagger”, but that was about it. However, in a recent post, Letter to Me, I included the following:

 You won’t be married by the time you thought you would, but that’s ok. We both still have A LOT of growing up to do. Like you, I want to be prepared when he comes across my path. You are not even close to being ready to find someone. If you found someone at your age, you would give up so much that will make you who you become. So, slow down, guard your heart, and know it will be ok. One day, he will find me, and I will be ready. 

Oddly enough, even when I was 18, I knew I wouldn’t be married by now. What I thought was, at this exact point in my life, I’d be knee deep in planning my weeding.

No dice. I’m still single with no one on the horizon. But, as I stated, that’s ok. At least, most days it’s ok. Some days it’s hard; like when I’m the only one around to deal with finances, catch lizards, fix toilets, or kill spiders. Then, I wish I had someone in my life.

But, the flip side of this is: for every lizard I catch, I overcome fear a little more; for every toilet I fix, I get to remember my independence; and with every financial struggle God brings me through I get to learn to trust Him more.

Being single can get lonely. But so can relationships.

This year, instead of focusing on any negative aspects of being single, I am going to rejoice in my freedom. I plan to become the best me I can be. I will take risks, overcome fears, and grow in Grace.

More than that, I will learn to love myself just as I am, and work on the glaring issues God brings before me. Then, when my certain him does come across my path, I will be someone worth waiting for. Just as I trust he will be someone worth waiting for.

2012 is shaping up to be a great year full of promise, and I look forward to what God has in store.

Any other singles out there planning to enjoy “me” time in 2012? For our married friends, any advice for us in our singleness?

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2 thoughts on “Single & Learning

  1. Really respect and appreciate your honesty on such a tough subject! I'm married and I'm still learning, as you said, “to love myself just as I am.” That's fantastic advice for any person, married or not!


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