An Autumn Whisper

Today was a beautiful Autumn day. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect. Sun-shiny and bright, it was a great day for college football (BOOMER SOONER!!!). What better place to watch than at the place I have always felt safest and cared for? 
My grandparent’s house is the best place to be.
A wonderful fountain brings serenity.
Love and Hospitality greet all who enter.

The fall colors are wonderful!
God paints such a pretty picture of
the world this time of year!
I could not have dreamed of a better pumpkin
to carve my first time than this…
This year, I hope to make one equally great!

I welcome all that Autumn will entail this year. As with every year before, I know it will be but a brief whisper, but one I will enjoy to it’s fullest. God has given me this time to marvel at and to find His glory all around me…whether it’s in:
enjoying a football game, 
loving my family,
looking at leaves falling from a tree, 
or carving a pumpkin He created for me.

Where do you see beauty in the world around you? Have you noticed GOD’s glory recently? Please, tell me about it. 

Thanks for reading. I have linked with Shanda at her In Search of Beauty blog hop. See her latest Beauty post here.

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