Beauty to Share

I used to want to live near water. I love water. Something about large bodies of water make me feel incredibly close to my Creator. Lucky me, for the past year, I did live by a body of water, & I had a beautiful view.

Now, though, I live with this view:
I never thought I’d enjoy a view of  mountains, but this particular night, I realized how beautiful it actually was.
God had placed me in my own space, and at sunset, I got to watch the world change beautiful colors with 
a varied landscape as a backdrop. 
This is such a difference from the flatland I grew up in.
The only thing missing that perfect night was:
Someone to share it with. Though, I loved sharing my view with the One who created it, 
I so look forward to the day when He brings me someone to share my heart (and my view) with.
These days, this is where I find beauty in my life. In the little things that my Creator does to romance my heart.
What about you? Where do you find beauty?

This blog is a part of Shanda Oakly’s “In Search of Beauty” Blog Hop

2 thoughts on “Beauty to Share

  1. I love that you find beauty in 'the little things your Creator does to romance you.' Where as water is beautiful, so are the mountains. I have a mountain view every time I leave my house!


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