Faith (Pt. 2)

You may be wondering where “Faith (Pt. 1)” is…well, my friends, that’s where the Geckos are.
Now, I’ve moved on to the second piece of my Faith discovery journey: In the face of hardship, questions, and ridicule, can I still display Faith and Integrity? Can I follow where I feel GOD is leading, even if it doesn’t fit my timeline, my comfort level, my “ideal”, or the “ideal” of those around me? Can I take a stand for what I feel is right (or against what I feel is wrong), despite the risk it poses to the life I feel comfortable in? 
Today, I woke up freaking out about this exact thing. I was thinking, “Oh my! What am I doing with my life!? How is any of this going to work out?! What is God doing? I feel like a yo-yo! Up with the hope and down with the disappointment.” 
But, in all of this I keep asking myself, is my comfort and security worth sacrificing a life of  Faith & Integrity, or do they happen to coincide? (Which, I am learning, they don’t).
Integrity means an adherence to moral and ethical principles – but it is so much more. Integrity is a state of being whole & undiminished. No matter how unstable it makes me feel, one thing is certain: living with Integrity to my convictions will not leave me broken or defeated.

Quite the opposite actually: it is in my Integrity that I will find myself living wholly –

Here is where the faith comes in. To the world, I may look foolish or crazy. To the world, I may even look downright stupid. Living with this much conviction and integrity could cost me much: security, comfort, relationships.
So the question becomes:Am I willing to follow GOD
              at all cost?
If I am a Christ follower (as I claim to be) my answer should be “YES.”
Christ is the best example of Integrity in life that any of us have – and it cost Him His. He had no home, nothing of his own (Luke 9:58), and yet, with only the Father to care for Him, He was well cared for. He did as directed by the Father, and in return, found Himself precisely where He should be.
Starting today, I am striving to live with this level of Integrity. 
Devoted to following the Father’s voice & walking through any door He would open for me.
Will you join me?

One thought on “Faith (Pt. 2)

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