Moves Like Jagger

A friend of mine recently began receiving Bridal magazines in the mail – magazines she did not order. As a single girl, I understand her frustration at receiving them. I too am tired of the reminders all around that I am alone. From Bridal magazines to reality “love” shows, from the dwindling number of single people in my social circles to the Country edition of People I got today, everywhere I go I see that the rest of the world is pairing off.

Tonight, I have been thinking about all of this. As a single girl, I usually go through a cycle of contented acceptance (which usually occurs when everything else in life is going O.K.) and unrelenting desire (which usually occurs when everything in life sucks). Just as I was settling into a phase of contented acceptance *BAM* the unrelenting desire returned.

When the desire hits, the envy monster emerges. I wish I could have what they have. But, I don’t. Why don’t I? Well, I could list a few contributing factors, but that is not where I want this post to go. 

I have heard many times that before you can truly love & be loved by another, you must first: a) Learn to love & be loved by GOD and b) Learn to love yourself. ‘A’ has been a bit easier for me. 

Tonight, though, as I danced around my house to “Moves Like Jagger” pretending I was actually singing a duet with Adam Levine, I realized how important ‘B’ is. Here I am dancing-or as close to it as I come- and cleaning, looking like a huge dork. If I don’t love myself – dance-cleaning and all – how will someone else? Or, if I am embarrassed by such things, I will try to hide them, and that would be a part of me he would never know…

I don’t know if I will find a guy who will appreciate my random musical outbursts – both vocal and dance – but I hope I do because both are a big part of who I am. So, I will continue to break into song and dance, and just be me as I do my best to be patient while I wait for him to come. My heart so longs for the day that GOD brings him to me and I get to walk through the rest of my life with him.

Who knows…maybe he’ll have his own moves like Jagger :o)

“I got the moooooooooovves like Jagger”

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