“Waking up I see that everything is okay…
Slowing down, I look around and I am so amazed…
This innocence is brilliant (I hope that it will stay)…
It’s so beautiful it makes you want to cry…” –
Avril Lavigne ‘Innocence’

I just discovered this song today. And as I listen to these words, they pull on my heart in a special way. As someone who once struggled with depression, the words strike a chord inside. Though the battle is now won, complete wholeness took almost two years.
After over ten years of struggle, I remember the day I woke up and felt this way. It seems like only yesterday the dark cloud hovered over my head. Perhaps because, in a sense, it was just yesterday. The last remnants of that dark cloud finally lifted after an amazing prayer time with some amazing women. Initially, though, it was two years ago. Around February of 2009. 
GOD saved me from the darkness that suffocated me. He reached down into my storm and sent away the clouds around me, opening up my lungs for what seemed to be the first time. Now, the Joy I live with is indescribable. I have hope. I have a future. I see in color! Beautiful, rich, vivid color! 
My Abba finished off my storm last night, proving that if I let Him, He has the power to heal every area of my life. He holds me in His hands and replenishes my Joy and Hope each day. A light is in my eyes that was never present before.
This is GOD’s power in my life. Victory over the demons that threatened to keep me from living. He has the same power for your life. 
Determine the spiritual or physical cause of your despair, get the right treatment in place, and watch GOD work. For me, it was all spiritual warfare. The enemy was battling for my mind. If it is physical, brain chemistry, let GOD work through medicine. In either case, bring it to Him. His power will set you free. Simply ask and Joy can be yours.

“He ordered His angels to guard you…” Ps, 91:11
 (The Message)

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