Books & Resources

I’ve compiled a collection of books and resources together. Some free, some paid. I wanted them to all be in one convenient place. On this page, you will find links to resources, as well as links to places you guy invest to get my full library of resources or some of the art-work I create based on my writings and books.

This collection of books, workbooks, & resources have been created, partnered in, and curated for you in your journey of business, Biblical, modern womanhood, homemaking, self-care, mental wellness, and more.

**I do make a portion of payment from several of the resources listed – whether my personal resources or my affiliates with others. This is how the blog & my coaching are able to continue! Thank you for visiting and checking out what we have.


I have set up a Patreon account. With all of the writing, blogging, and art that I’m doing, I wanted a way to cultivate a stronger community, a way of support, and the ability to continue to do what I love. If you’d like to become a patron – who I lovingly call Soul Friends, I’d be so glad for you to join me over there! Find my Patreon here.


I’m back on Etsy! Painting and creating items based on my writing, blogging, and other musings. As well as items that will help you in your own writing journey. The shop is still in the works, but I do have quote art up now! More coming each week! Check out Etsy here!

Free Resources