31 Days – Beloved


It’s October! This October, it is my goal to write a post every day. It’s part of the 31 Day blog challenge, over at write31days.com.

This is just an introduction, a peek into things to come…

31 Days on Beloved. Together, we’ll all learn what that looks like, and hopefully by the end, we’ll all feel the fierce love of our Abba wrapping us up in a God-sized hug & never letting go.

Day 1: AGAPETOS -the Beloved

Day 2: Beloved – in the Busy-ness

Day 3: beLoved – New

Day 4: What does it mean?

Day 5: Fear(-less?)

Day 6: What does it mean? – Part 2

Day 7: Spoken For

Day 8: Day 8 of Beloved

Day 9: Change 

Day 10: FMF – Care

Day 11: Purpose

Day 12: Everlasting Love

Day 13: Equipping the Called

Day 14: Waiting…

Day 15: He Loves the Unloved

Day 16: Beloved – a Haiku

Day 17: Be Loved 

Day 18: Love God, Love People

Day 19: Flashbacks

Day 20: Long

Day 21: Humility

Day 22: Kingdom Service

Day 23: Day 23

Day 24: Dare – FMF

Day 25: Relationships

Day 26: Be Still

Day 27: Simplicity – guest post

Day 28: Tuesday @ 10 – Trust

Day 29: What I’ve Learned from the Little Drummer Boy

Day 30: For God so…Agape

Day 31: Do Everything in Love


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