About Therapeutic & Restorative Coaching

ABOUT Soul Cadence’s Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic & restorative coaching takes up space between therapy and life coaching.

What Exactly is Therapeutic & Restorative Coaching?

Therapeutic & restorative coaching is a private practice, private pay, relationally driven coaching practice. Currently, only offering 1-1 coaching, but groups are coming soon. This is NOT therapy (is not for diagnosing or treating mental illness/major mental health concerns).

The issues met with in coaching are: stress, burn-out, feelings of anxiety/worry, chronic health issues, low mood, low confidence or self-esteem, emotional intelligence, coping skills, and social skills. The end result will be: calm, stress relief, increased confidence, getting unstuck, and moving forward.

The focus is meeting clients where they’re at; starting in the here & now, working towards where the client determines to end. Through coaching, clients learn and practice coping skills, social skills, life skills, and soul-care.

Therapeutic & restorative coaching uses expressive arts, NLP, mindfulness, life coaching, and developmental integrated techniques to help clients realize their goals.

This type of coaching is solution focused, and integrates goals.

Who is our Coach?

Candice is the therapeutic coach at Soul Cadence Creative. Our coaching is educational and relational in nature and focuses on learning and practicing: coping skills, social skills, life skills, and soul-care work.


While many of the issues we encounter in coaching overlap clients of therapy, coaching IS NOT therapy. Therapeutic & restorative coaching is not designed for, nor ethically able, to diagnose or treat serious clinical concerns. For those needing diagnosis, treatment, or crisis services, please seek out a local, well-trained Licensed mental health professional.

*Also, these services are not able to be covered by insurance or healthcare programs & is only self-pay.