31 Days: Relationship


31 Days: Relationship

For the past few years, I have participated in a challenge called Write 31 DaysAnd, the tradition continues.

I was unsure if I would participate this year, but decided I needed to get back in the swing of writing. Things are so busy at this time of my life; I’ve recently been so career and relationship focused that many other things seem to have taken a back seat…like writing definitely has.

And, on that note, our theme for the year: RELATIONSHIPS.

Last year, I wrote about Single Life…that feels like a lifetime ago now.

This year, relationships. Though, it won’t only focus on the romantical (yes, that will be part of the focus, too), but just how we are created for communion with others. And, what, exactly does that look like.

This landing page is Day 1. And, the rest of the month is going to be some good stuff, folks. After all, who doesn’t love relationships…unless, maybe, you’re extremely social phobic. {Oh, wait, that’s me :-O }
As you wait for the rest of days, I invite you to peruse my Single Life posts, as well as previous Adventures in Dating posts.

UPDATE: This is turning into more of a write every other day challenge. Given where I am right now in life, that’s actually doing a whole lot. Any posts I make, I will link below.