30 by 3-0

I have seen variations of this list on others’ blogs: the one whose inspired mine: Caitlin Muir.

However, I decided instead of making a list of things to check off, I would make a list by adding the things I experience or accomplish by the big 3-0. (My goal is at least 30 by 30.) I figure I’ll let life take me by surprise. An asterisk (*) will mark those that were on my bucket list, and a + next to the things that especially take me by surprise. The rest will just be :o)

1) Get my B.A.
2) Graduate Magna cum Laude & as part of an honor society (Psi Chi, my only Greek letters :o)
3) Live in Southern California for a few years*
4) Travel to Ireland on a mission trip (twice)*
5) Celebrate my 21st birthday in Ireland+
6) Meet Reba McEntire*
7) Start a publishing* (and creative design+) company
8) Have my own place (all to myself)*
9) Have a job in San Francisco, near the beach*
10) Become a published author*
11) Have one of my works of art displayed in a public place+
12) Lead Worship at a Retreat & Conference*
13) See Brooks & Dunn on their final tour*
14) See the Opera “Carmen”*
15) See Broadway’s “The Little Mermaid”* (& The Lion King & Beauty and the Beast)
16) Start a Mentoring program
17) Live somewhere with a Bay view*
18)Completely change up my hair color/look (Oh, black hair, what was your draw?)
19) Dierks Bentley sang to me at a concert+
20) Coordinate/Lead a Girls’ Conference
21) See DAUGHTRY* (and 3DoorsDown+) in concert [I was so close!]
22) Stand under a double rainbow in an Irish field in a small Irish town+ (my 2nd trip to Ireland)
23) Lead Worship at my church+
24) First date/kiss/relationship*
25) First break-up
26) See Garth Brooks in concert*
27) Obtain my MA in Counseling Psychology
28) Explore a Light House*
29) Travel to many states (14)*
30) A multi-state road trip with most of my belongings piled into my car (CA to OK)
31) Buying a travel trailer to live in as my Tiny Home!+*
32) Pass my LMFT national exam (first try)*
33) Start a coaching business
34) Met the love of my life*

**Made it to 30 in September 2015 at 27 years old…can’t wait to see how many more opportunities God opens up by the time I’m 30!

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