“You may say that I’m a dreamer, 

But I’m not the only one…”**

I’m not a big John Lennon (or Beatles) fan. But, I love this line. (I actually listened to the whole song today, for the first time; and it’s actually kind of sad, kind of haunting!)

Anyway – every time I hear this line, my heart immediately jumps in agreement.

I am a dreamer.

And, I’m not the only one.

As a matter of fact, I tend to really be drawn to other dreamers. And, a few of them have some great blogs that I enjoy. (Ok, I may be a little biased because I’m real-life friends with these amazing women).

First, the girl I’ve been sharing dreams with pretty much forever. My sisterchick, as I call her. JCrank. She has known my dreams, and I hers. Now, she’s living most of them out on the daily by being wifey & mommy. But, she still keeps her heart open to what God places there – and her blog is one of those things. Check it out as she lives the Joyful Life. (P.S. If you read the post “LUV at First Sight“, I told her that day that he was probably the love of her life [or something close to that] and I was right… Just so you know.)

Next, my partner in crime, Mrs. Laura Noelle. Even though we run a business together, even that dream is ever-evolving. As we both grow and change, so do our dreams, and so does our business. Writing, publishing, coaching, general silliness – we do it all. And, while I am definitely focused on life as a single & what God has for me at this stage, her dream of being a wife came on & came true in a very quick time. Now? On to baby 🙂 She has a desire to be intentional, building community, and sharing stories. Check out her journey here —->

Then, there’s my book-reading, dog-loving, gun enthusiast friend Belle, @ If you want to be entertained by hilarious stories of online dating (and some on the slightly more serious side…), or inspired by a woman who refused to give up on her own happiness, Go.Read.Her.Blog. It’s totally worth it.

Finally, my friend JessLeigh, who’s new to the blogosphere. A songwriter, a dreamer, and a fellow boot fanatic. The girl’s got talent & moxy, and a passion to see her dreams come true. Go show her new blog some love.

You see, we all have different dreams. We are each at different stages of making those dreams come true.

And – We are not alone…

I guess that’s why I was drawn to the next line in the song.

“I hope one day you’ll join us and the world will be one.”**

Join us. Take part in our journey. Laugh with us (or, at us, at times). Cry with us.
And, dream a dream of your own. Then,
Make it happen.

** ‘Imagine’ – John Lennon

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