2012 – My Challenge

As I start off the 2012 year, I face some difficult times in life. My faith is being stretched and tested; and my times of solitude are growing, allowing me the beauty of either wallowing in loneliness or turning to Immanuel to soothe my heart.

I have prayed, and have not heard answers. I have hit the ground running, working hard, seeing no results. I have allowed myself to be absorbed into fantasy worlds, trying to pretend that life doesn’t exist, but it does.

That is how I ended 2011. Now, though, as I strike ahead into 2012, that will not work anymore. I will continue to move forward, press in, and expect God to answer as He said He would. Therefore, this year,

I will trade:
My Anxiety      for       His Peace
My Depression     for     His Joy
My Insecurity     for     His Grace
My Hatred    for     His Compassion
My Intelligence     for     His Wisdom
My Doubt     for     His Truth
My Sin & Shame     for    His Salvation
My Apathy    for     His Love

This year, I am making no resolutions. Each year, I fail, fall short, because they are so ego-centric. This year, I am becoming more like Christ so I may live as a light of love to the world around me.
What are your plans to make 2012 a good year? Do they include growing closer to the All Mighty? Let me know below, I would love to hear from you. Thank you and God Bless.

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©CandiceJenee – 2012

This is my first 5 Minute Friday post. I will probably have more in the future.

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