Big News!

I am taking a break from my “Identity” series to tell you all about something big happening in my life.

Tomorrow (September 15th) marks the official launch of AngelInk Illuminations! AngelInk is a Creative Design and Publishing company that my wonderful friend Laura Noelle and I started together. This has been a long time coming. It is  combination of the creative minds of both Laura and myself.

When I was younger, I used to want to start a publishing company. My best friend Jamie and I used to talk about doing such a thing, but life moved us in different directions. I thought that was it. I pushed the idea aside thinking I would do something else with my time and get to it later, much later, in life.

Laura is a phenomenal writer and photographer. She used to make and sell uniquely designed cards that she and her sister created.

As we got to know each other better, we realized how well these dreams could coincide, and AngelInk Illuminations was created. A collaboration of our dreams and efforts. Laura and I are both excited to see where God takes this.

As a creative being, I derive energy and passion from making something from nothing. I get great pleasure from seeing my words and stories on a page before me. And, I love sharing those creations with others. Not for the praise, but to spread the joy and excitement. I love adding beauty to a broken world around me. And I love using my creations to point to the biggest Beauty in the universe: my Creator and Savior. Beauty is a breath of fresh air. This is why I love to share my creations.

It is such a surreal experience to see a childhood dream come true right before my eyes. God truly is blessing me right now, and I hope to see Him continue to bless not only AngelInk, but any of the people that the messages of encouragement can reach.

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