Kingdom Builders

Hey guys. Over the past few months I have poured out my heart sharing my faith journey with you all. Along the way, I have discovered other blogs that have pulled on my heartstrings, and have pointed me towards the same hope and truth I wish to share with all of you. Some were those of friends and some are those of inspiring people I have just had brushes with in the blogospher. Because I think you will be just as inspired by them as I am, I want to give you a chance to explore them. To go to their blog, just click on their name and you’ll find it:

Fierce Faith:
Lauren and her fiance Max set out across America in search of Faith. In reality, they were both acting out a Faith beyond imagination. A Faith that almost makes you nervous, because you are too afraid to be as bold.

Meg is a friend of mine. She and her husband set off on an unkown path following the voice of God. Though some thought they were rushing things, they followed through every door God opened without abandon; and God has been keeping them the wole way.

For these wonderful people, service of the Kingdom is more important that other people’s perceptions or their own fears.

Wise Daughters of the King
Laura is a very close friend of mine. And, she has wisdom beyond her 22 years. I trust this girl, and I have seen an authentic faith in her unmatched by many others.

Shanda just happened to start following my blog, which led me to hers. She has a refreshing outlook on things, and her blog always causes me to pause a moment and refelct on the good in my life (perhaps going with the name “A Pause on the Path”)

Shaunie is a wonderful woman using her art and writing to spread messages of love and truth to all who will read them. Knowing her in life and in the blogworld has been a blessing.

Bold Men of God
I happened upon Jake’s tumbler very recently by reading one of his posts on The Good Women Project. It is nice to see guys my age living for God and being men. His writings are a good encouragement. Not to mention, an inspirtation to serve the Kingdom in whatever way you can.

I came across Cory’s blog the same way (it’s “From the Men” month at Good Women Project). Cory’s blog will give you hope that great, Godly men really are out there, ready to serve God with all they have and guard your heart. (I’m not gonna lie, some of the things Cory says seem a bit too dreamy to be real, but he seems so genuine, he gives me genuine hope! 🙂

If any of these blogs sound good to you, check them out. I bet they will be worth your time. You will laugh, you may cry, and you will realize that the Kingdom is not as small as it sometimes seems.

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