God’s Fingerprints

Fate. Destiny. Divine Design… Call it what you will, but things work out the way they do for a reason.

Miracles. Magic. Angels & Demons. Coincidence & Chance. Whichever you believe, GOD’s power is shown. Working all things great and small according to His will and good pleasure. 

Our job: Trust. In all of lie’s chaos and confusion it all comes down to one thing: living a life pleasing to GOD. A big part of that is trust. Trusting that He is with us always, setting our feet on the path He has chosen.

In all things, He is at work to ensure the good of those who love and serve Him (Romans 8:28). When we follow GOD, we can look back over the trials in our lives and clearly see in hindsight where His hands were in that situation.

For instance, my roommate and I recently went to LA and had our car break down. We were delayed by a day. GOD’s hand there? We didn’t break down until we reached Vanguard, a place where I had friends and we had a place to stay. GOD kept us safe and led us to a place where our car could break down, but my soul could be cared for by much needed friendship.

GOD is constantly leading me, calling me to move in one place or another. Create one work of art or another. Talk to this person or that person. Many would be tempted to call all of this crazy coincidence or fate or some other thing. But, I clearly see the hand of my Creator on all of it. And Acts 2:17 tells me the same thing: GOD’s Spirit is over the land and I, not only as a daughter but as a Creation, have that Spirit.

Next time you see a coincidence, big or small, take a closer look. Do you see His fingerprints?

One thought on “God’s Fingerprints

  1. You are learning more each day to listen to God's voice and follow His direction, and it is a blessing to watch! You inspire me to seek our Father and grow closer to the plan He has for me. Keep dreaming, dear one, and He will guide you to greatness!


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