Screaming aloud in silence
No one hears or sees
No one cares about the life before them
Invisible, insignificant

Lies. It’s all lies. The enemy is attacking a fearfully, wonderfully made creature telling her that she is nothing. That no one would care to hear her speak. Her story is not important. That is why things have happened as they have. She is not important enough to be heard, not important enough to be saved. Why her heart keeps getting broken, and why no one gets too close.

She is not even worth hating. Not even worth noticing. She is nothing. No one can hear or see her. Everyone will always look past her, because there is nothing there. No one will notice, no matter how hard she tries, no matter how loud she screams. She was a mistake from the beginning, and in being so, she is nothing to everybody.

Lies. It’s all lies he tells her to keep her silent. To keep secrets hidden in a past so dark and broken that it requires the real Savior to put the pieces together. Lies to keep these secrets hidden so that no one else can see or know the power this Savior has over the past, present, and future. Lies to keep a little girl from crying out so loud the whole world hears.

But the Savior comes anyway. The little girl draws closer to Him, allowing Him the pieces of her broken world, and looks longingly at the pieces in His hands wondering what he will do with them.

I am close to the brokenhearted. I save those who are crushed in Spirit.

With that, she looks, and her world is whole. She looks at him and with tears in her eyes, a whisper is heard. “Thanks.”

She speaks. A voice heard.

Speak. He commands softly. Speak for those who cannot.

“But I cannot” she says. Surprised with each sound that escapes. “I am invisible, I am insignificant. I am nothing.”

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. I see you. I love you. Speak.

The lies no longer bind her. She has been made whole by the Savior, and knows she must speak. The fear is still there. She has been invisible for so long, the lies have lived in her for her entire remembrance. How will she speak?

Then, someone else asks to hear her story, she shares, and a life is touched. The new creation is now speaking for the broken little girl who could not speak for herself. And someone listened. And if, for only that one person, she now knows she is visible, and has a purpose.

The Savior stays by her side, holds her world in His hands, and walks with her as she shares with the world what He has done. She is visible, and she is heard. If by no one else, then by the Creator and Savior of the Universe, and by the one who asked her story.

She is Visible. She is Significant. She is Loved.
She is Somebody.

6 thoughts on “Speak

  1. You are one of the most amazing young ladies I know! Your voice has been heard and will be heard by so many in the future. It's crazy how many of the same lies the enemy has tried to attack us with, but we stand New Creations who are no longer bound by silence and lies. ❤


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